Laser cutting brass

Laser cutting brass sheets is an economical, efficient and fast processing method for products. In order to meet customer requirements, Hek can provide you with a brass laser cutting service with thickness from 0.25mm to 8mm for art works, decorative designs, machine parts, etc.

Laser cutting brass samples

For a better understanding of the quality, features and advantages of laser cutting brass, please see the sample photos below for reference.

1mm thick brass laser cutting

1mm thick brass laser cutting part for guitar decorative purpose. After laser cutting, the surface can be brushed or polished to get clean work.

 Laser cutting brass

8mm thick brass laser cutting for art work with high precision, no burrs and no sharp edges on the back side.

1.5mm thick brass laser cutting

1.5mm thick brass laser cutting for keyboards.  The parts have high precision, there are no burrs or sharp edges on the back side. The surface of the plate can be polished or brushed to get a good finish.

0.8mm thick bright brass laser cutting

0.8mm thick. Brass plate laser cutting for decorative work. Whether it's a simple design or a complex pattern for cutouts, we can adjust our laser cutting machine well to turn your ideas into a great reality.


Main brass materials for laser cutting

In order to provide fast, cheap and good services, we have different thicknesses of brass in the stock. 

For example, brass flat sheets are from 0.8mm thick to 55m thick (Please kindly note that we can laser cut brass parts with 0.5mm thick to 8mm thick, once the thickness is more than 8mm, the better way to manufacture is water jet cutting or CNC machining.) 

And brass strips are from 0.1mm thick to 0.8mm thick. They are suitable for industrial and decorative products. 

At the same time, the main types of brass are H59 and H62. These two brass materials are cheap but of good quality. Both are CuZn brass. This means that these types of brass are an alloy metal with elements of copper and zinc. We also call them normal brass. 

Brass H59 and H62, they are GB standard. If you want to check more standards, please check the following form sheet, such as H59, it is also ASTM C28000 and DIN CuZn40 and H62 is ISO CuZn40. 

Normal Brass GB/T5232 ISO ASTM JIS DIN GS NF
H96 CuZn5 C21000 C2100 CuZn5 CZ125 CuZn5
H90 CuZn10 C22000 C2200 CuZn10 CZ101 CuZn10
H85 CuZn15 C23000 C2300 CuZn15 CZ102 CuZn15
H80 CuZn20 C24000 C2400 CuZn20 CZ103 CuZn20
H70 CuZn30 C26000 C2600 CuZn30 CZ106 CuZn30
H68 C26200 CuZn33
H65 CuZn35 C27000 C2700 CuZn36 CZ107 CuZn33
H63 CuZn37 C27200 C2720 CuZn37 CZ108 CuZn37
H62 CuZn40 C28000 C2800 CZ109 CuZn40
H59 C28000 C2800 CuZn40 CZ109

In the above form, you can find different grades of brass. As you know, we have H59 and H62 brass in stock. If you need other grades, we can buy the appropriate material for laser cutting.

The advantages of brass sheet for laser cutting

Our brass sheet is flat and smooth. There are blue plastic films on the surface of both sides of the plate to protect the material from scratches. In addition, the brass sheet is smelted with new raw materials. Because of this, the quality of laser cutting products is good.  

At the same time, it is good for CNC milling, machining, welding, bending, deburring, laser marking, tapping and plating. We can provide the above services at one stop.


The dimensions of brass sheet

The full size of the brass sheet is 600mmX1500mm or 1000mmX2000mm. If the parts are suitable for nesting, please layout them in the dimensions mentioned. Or, please send the vector files for each item and confirm the quantity, we will nest the parts, calculate the prices and laser cut the pieces with appropriate brass sheets.

For more information, please see the brass specification form as follows.  


Material Brass sheet Grade H59 and H62
Dimension 1000mmX2000mm Thickness 0.8mm-55mm
Specified thickness 0.8mm 1mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2mm 3mm
4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 12mm 15mm
20mm 25mm 30mm 35mm 40mm 45mm
50mm 55mm        
Brass strip, thickness and width
0.05mm*200mm 0.1mm*200mm 0.15mm*200mm
0.2mm*305mm 0.3mm*305mm 0.4mm*305mm
0.5mm*305mm 0.6mm*305mm 0.8mm*305mm

Whether brass sheet or brass strip, both are suitable for processing from us!