Custom Flat washer

Do you need a custom flat washer for your projects? 

Hek can laser cut various custom flat washers with different thicknesses and materials.

In our stock, main material is stainless steel in 304 and 316 grade, they are very suitable for washers 

The thinnest thickness can be 0.1mm thick. to cut for washers. 

laser cutting 0.1mm stainless steel washer
0.1mm stainless steel washer
1mm thick stainless steel
1mm thick 2B finish stainless steel parts
3mm thick 316 stainless steel washer laser cutting
3mm thick 316 stainless steel washer
2mm thick 304 stainless steel washer
304 stainless steel wahser 2B finish

Other materials, such as mild steel, brass, copper, titanium, we also can laser cut with good quality and precision. 

After mass flat washers laser cut, they can be finished by tumbling machine to get clean and smooth edge and surface, if you need gold plating or other surface finishes,It is also available.

No matter small QTY or large batch, either of them suits to us. At same time, the cost is reasonable and competitive

Once you need a price before order, please send us vector file in dwg, dxf, ai, svg, or vector PDF for quoting, we will work out the costs based on the vector drawing. If you are not familiar with cad tools, please just send us a draft with dimensions, we can assist you to finish the final vector file for laser cutting for free!