Acrylic laser cutting

acrylic cards
acrylic cards in various colors

Hek laser provides acrylic laser cutting service, you will never disappoint. When it comes to precision laser cutting acrylic materials,using the most advanced techniques in acrylic cutting,CNC software and CAD files to control acrylic materials provides a consistently outstanding results with no variations in quality due to human error. The highly automated and advanced laser cutting acrylic machine ensures a reliable superior product that we offer for a genuinely cost-competitive price. you actually can get top quality material for less than you would except to pay elsewhere. Competitive price with high quality, Hek can offer!

Acrylic pieces laser cutting with protective layers against scratches
Clear acrylic panels for boxes laser cutting
3mm thick white acrylic laser cut and glued
White acrylic small piece laser cutting and gluing
black acrylic panel laser cutting
Black acrylic panel laser cutting
Transparent blue acrylic laser cutting
Transparent blue acrylic laser cutting and engraving disc